Wednesday, October 31, 2007


I drove out to Elyria today to spend some time with my dad and brother, and I had a great time. We talked and talked. My brother, Bill, cooked out burgers on the grill for us, and we had some of his home-grown tomatoes, as well. He also made his (deservedly) famous pasta salad. (Thanks, Bill!) Man, was it tasty! It will be Slimfast for dinner tonight for sure!

What I really want to talk about, however, is that while we were sitting in the living room talking, I thought I heard the marching band. My dad lives a few blocks away from the elementary school that Tom and Julie attended, and it occurred to me that it might be the annual mini-parade around the neighborhood for Halloween. The sound faded away, but it came back, and it was definitely the percussion section of the marching band. They still haven't banished Halloween from McKinley Elementary School, by god! I was thrilled! Later, as I drove out of the neighborhood, I saw a few stragglers walking home from school wearing their Halloween costumes. I was really just delighted. Good old Elyria - still not P.C.


Ben said...

Hooray for small-town American traditions! Let's hope we never have to get rid of all our old customs. That would be a politically correct - and very bland - world indeed.

Julie said...

sounds like a pretty fun day, mom. i'm thrilled to hear that the band's still coming out for that halloween parade--that was fun on both ends for me (although it was really weird to be back in that school--everything was so small!). glad to hear you saw some costumed kids, too.

haven't seen many around here--the apartment complex had a "party" last night at the office, and we saw a few kids running around that lawn in costume (one girl was dressed as a skunk, but seemed to be pretty sure she was a black-and-white dinosaur). other than that, though, nothing. bel air does still have trick-or-treat, but no one comes to apartment complexes. you'd think they'd have the highest density of candy, you know?

desideo said...

Lovely postcard book! You need to hit me with that tofu soon, that pasta salad sounded delicious.

anne mancine said...

Now I can tell my brother his pasta salad is world-renowned! ;)

Yeah, my husband and I wrote the book several years ago, and I thought it would be nice to include it on my blog.