Wednesday, October 10, 2007

a stray irritation

When Rufus and I take our daily walks, at one point we pass four or five locust trees planted in a row. As we walked along there yesterday morning, yellow locust leaves rained down all around us when a sudden gust of wind blew. The falling leaves were a golden shower in the morning light against the blue, blue autumn sky. As I thought that, I was instantly irritated that I can never use that phrase without a vulgar, sexual connotation being attached to it.

In fact, it irritates me every time I think about it.


Kristy said...

oh man. this had me really cracking up!

anne mancine said...

When I labelled this post "things that irritate me" I realized that was an important subset of all my posts, and I had to look back through them to see which ones should be similarly labelled. I am proud to report there were only five, so I haven't been bitching too much.