Friday, August 10, 2007

so far, so good

Well, it's Friday and the end of my third week at home, so I thought this might be a good time to re-examine my feelings about leaving my job. First of all, it's raining out. I mean really raining. As it has just about every day this month. I have to time Rufus' walks in between downpours. But, you know what? I don't care. Honestly, I don't care at all. When it's not raining, it's too hot for me to spend much time outside, anyway, so let it rain.

I am eating much healthier than I was, and I am drinking lots of water. I am taking Rufus on the aforementioned walks, but I haven't found the nerve yet to go down and see if the treadmill is indeed on the fritz again, as Julie reported before she left. (I fear that it is.) So my new health regimen is still intact, and I am keeping in mind the wise words of my daughter-in-law, Kristy: "Think of any new lifestyle change like driving a car. Sometimes you get off to the side and you're in the gravel and your tendency is to overcompensate. But just like driving a car, if you over compensate, you're bound to swerve and eventually crash." (Kristy added really hysterical comments of her own, which I edited out. You can read them on her comment to my post "begin the way you mean to go.")

I had dinner a couple of nights ago with my friends Joany and Kristen. *shout out to Joany and Kristen* We had a great time. They are both fellow escapees from my former oppressive work environment. Joany transferred to a different department on campus, and Kristen spent six weeks this summer on an archaeological dig. Joany had only worked with us for a couple of years before she left, but Kristen and I had worked together for almost the entire five years I was there. Her leaving the department was one of the many reasons I couldn't stand to work there any longer.

Needless to say, we were discussing how happy we were to be gone. Kristen raised an interesting point: "You know, I don't miss it there at all. I thought I would really miss it, but I don't." I don't miss it either. That surprises me a bit. I will say I do miss some of the people I worked with there. People I would consider more friends than co-workers, and if you are reading this, you know who you are.

All in all, so far it's good. Really good, in fact. Remind me again why I will have to find another job at some point?


tom said...

I think that the reason you're looking for is "money," sadly... but it's great to have a chance to recharge, regain one's joie de vivre, and so on.

It's great to hear that you're managing your increased leisure time well. I remember that it's not as easy as might be expected.

Finally, I think the new look is quite nice!

anne mancine said...

Ah, yes, the whole money thing. That's right. I knew there was a reason.

Yeah, I think I like the new look, as well. Thanks!

Julie said...

hey, that is a nice look! pretty snappy and stylish. i do like polka dots. or circle patterns, anyway. glad to see you're playing around with it!

anne mancine said...

I certainly think of them as "polka dots," so you are welcome to do so as well.

Kristy said...

Correction: I'm not wise, my doctor is - I stole that car analogy from her. However, the egg white and celery additions were all mine and, IMHO, comedy gold ;)

Ben said...

May I say it has been a pleasure being here to watch your transformation in person. You are like a new woman since you left that job. Tangled in my own situation, I didn't realize just how bad it had gotten for you. Great to see you smiling and hear you laughing again!