Monday, August 20, 2007

le deluge

So I think I would like to re-visit the topic of summer rain. Here's what I have to say about it now: enough already! I don't think we're up to forty days and forty nights yet, but the birds and squirrels and chipmunks are starting to pair up in my back yard and look for a long boat ride.

I have to admit, the plants and flowers and lawn are loving all this rain. My hanging baskets have never looked this good so late in the summer, and the wisteria, which almost died in early April because of the snow and freezing rain, is now blooming. In August.

Rufus and I miss our daily walks, however, and need to continue them - for the sake of my health, as well as his. So now, I would like a nice, hot, sunny, dry, summer day, and I promise to rhapsodize about that for a while.


Ben said...

There is something familiar about all this rain in late August. My dad had two weeks off every year - two weeks between the end of summer camp and the start of the school year - and it rained more often than not. I remember because that's when we'd take our family vacations. (Not that this should make it any easier to tolerate, but it has happened before).

Hang in there, it should clear after a couple more days. Maybe I could set you up with some extension cords and lights and you and the doggies could explore some of the boxes on "the dark side" of the attic. You know, a rainy day activity. I for one would be interested to see what you find up there.

anne mancine said...

I'm not complaining, you understand. Just sort of remarking.

Kristy said...

Geesh - you say one thing about a rainy day and he's got you cleaning out the attic!

anne mancine said...

Yeah, that was kinda how I read that, too. ;D