Thursday, August 9, 2007

an impression of summer flowers

It has started to rain hard again, so the flowers will be gone for the day now, but I wish you could see how beautiful the portulaca are this year. Blossoms in unbelievably bright, fluorescent shades of yellow and hot pink and orange spill from the long, narrow planters on the front deck railing. They look like exploding fireworks against the plants' green, fleshy leaves. I am inordinately proud of them. I picked out the plants myself, planted them, and fed and watered them to this perfect state of summer glory. I feel like the little red hen who baked the bread all by herself, every step of the way. Unlike the little red hen, however, I am happy to share the beauty of my flowers with you.

And although I'm not really into the whole brevity thing, that's all I have to say.

(Don't miss the post below, which I also wrote today. Some days are just like that.)


Julie said...

the portulaca are definitely beautiful--and probably the only area where we have summer-colored flowers! they seem to glow in the sun. one of our gardening finds, i think.

i'm torn about suggesting that you put a picture up. we've got lots of excellent photos of them, and you could put one with the post. on the other hand, the picture probably wouldn't do them justice... since i can picture them, i enjoy reading your descriptive language much more!

anne mancine said...

This short piece is actually an exercise I gave myself to "paint a quick picture" of something with words. You know, an impression.

You have seen the flowers, and so you know how beautiful they are, but I am hoping to make others "see" that, as well.

Julie said...

well, i think you did a great job "painting a quick picture" on this one! the brevity thing really is difficult.

Ben said...

You've captured it. Your capacity to appreciate the simple things - and share your appreciation in words - is a joy.