Tuesday, August 14, 2007

morning musings

I almost think writer's block would be better than this. I have an idea I want to follow, and I wrote for most of the afternoon yesterday. But even as I was writing, I was thinking, this is such crap. I kept telling myself, just keep on writing, just get it out, worry about it later, but it did not improve. I have not looked at it yet this morning, maybe because it is just too early in the day to be disillusioned, but I will have to re-read it at some point.

It is a beautiful summer morning, however, so perhaps I will save that for later. I'm pretty sure I can talk Jules into going to Aurora Farms with me for a few hours - since she loves to go there. Tomorrow is Andrew's birthday, so we are taking him out to dinner tonight. We are going to Wasabi, a Japanese restaurant in Montrose that has some of the best sushi around. The link is here: http://www.restaurantwasabi.com/ (Sorry, I don't know how to make it look all pretty yet.) I plan to call and make a reservation later for one of the tatami rooms off the sushi bar. Every time we go there, we say, wouldn't that be fun, so Andrew's birthday seems like the perfect occasion.

Now, I need to go out and enjoy the day.


tom said...

Oh, I know just how you feel--I think like this about nearly every post I make. I think that on re-reading it, it won't be as hopeless as you say, but also you'll eventually come to accept that not every post you produce will be lyrical :)

I'm excited to hear about your planned sushi adventure. The tatami room will, I bet, be awesome--although Kristy and I have not yet had the pleasure. I believe that you will be sitting on the floor, so it will even hearken back to the old days at Mongo's, sitting on pillows between trips to the slab of barbecue steel!

My only experience with a traditional tatami room was at the ryokan where Kristy and I stayed. The main piece of advice I gleaned there? Watch your head!

Julie said...

so, tatami room, not cute little room with slidy rice paper doors? i suppose that's a much better name.

makes me think of mongo's, too-what an awesome place that was! fortunately, i think it just looks like you're sitting on the floor from outside, and they're actually more like sunken booths--at this restaurant anyway. :)

Eostre said...

I did not try the tatami room, but I can vouch for the yummyness of Wasabi. My stomach just growled thinking about it. :)

anne mancine said...

The food was yummmy, indeed! I really love sushi. The four of us had two "Maki dinners for two," which means we had miso soup, salad with fresh ginger dressing, and four maki rolls and four special maki rolls. We all had dessert, and alcoholic beverages (except for Jules, who tends to get migraines) and with a generous tip, the bill came to (don't read this part, Andrew!) under $125.00! You really can't beat that.

It was fun to eat in the tatami room. As Julie said, we did not actually sit cross-legged on mats on the floor, but on benches around a sunken table. We have never eaten on the hibachi side of the restaurant, but in the Akron area, I don't think you can beat this place for sushi.

Julie said...

i dunno, ma, i really liked the tatami room, and meal deal was very good at wasabi. but i still think the house of hunan downtown has better sushi--only slightly better though!