Monday, November 5, 2012

we both so excited

Everyone in my family is way more into music than I am.  They will all tell you that.  They are always looking for le dernier cri in musical genres of all kinds while I am content to listen to my Neil tape (as it is called) or the Red Hot Chili Peppers CD that Kristen made for me, over and over again in my car - the only place I listen to music.  But they only think that, really, because they can't hear my interior sound track.  Let me give you an example.

Last week while Julie and Andrew were staying with us - because Hurricane Sandy knocked their power out early and it stayed out - I lost one of my hoop earrings.  It was not the fault of Julie or Andrew or Hurricane Sandy, that is simply when it happened.  I had a sense that I had lost it in my bedroom, and looked around quite a bit in there, but didn't find it anywhere.  I took the other earring out of my ear and put it on my dresser, thinking as I did so, "every time I see this sitting here, I will probably think it is the lost earring".  And that was the case, until several days later when I wised up and put the lonely earring in a small covered dish that is a piece (the powder jar) of my antique dresser set.

I looked around the house in a desultory manner over the next few days, not finding the lost earring, but finding a quarter in between the couch cushions among the dust and crumbs.  I was encouraged that I didn't find the earring mangled and bent after Katie found it somewhere and chewed it all up, but I was sad that it was gone because those earrings were expensive, damnit.

Then, yesterday, as I was changing my bed, I spotted the missing earring at the foot of my bed, underneath the bench where I sit to tie my shoes.  I know it wasn't there before because, of course, that was one of the places I looked.  I didn't care, however, and quickly picked up the earring and opened the powder jar to place it with its mate.  And do you know what song played in my head as I did so?  "Reunited, and it feels so good...."  I love that.


Ben said...

Hahaha! That is a pretty cheesy song, but it does fit. I love that you noticed the soundtrack in your head. I sometimes notice my own. It's the little fun things like this that make us smile, despite the "slings and arrows" we face every day. That's when we have to admit - if this isn't nice, I don't know what is. :)

Andrew said...

As I said at the time, I am *so* excited (sarcasm) that you got that song stuck in my head, but I *am* really glad you found your lost earring! :)

Also - on a point of order: I am not a searcher after "le dernier cri musicale," like Julie, Ben, or Tom. My favorite band broke up in 1980 after their drummer died, and my second favorite band broke up in 1991 when their lead singer died. :)

anne mancine said...

I stand corrected, sir. ;)