Saturday, November 17, 2012

stock up now

So it's the end of Twinkies, is it?  Well, I have mixed feelings about that.  The fact of the matter is, I can't remember the last time I ate a Twinkie or a Sno-ball or one of those banana things.  We used to have them quite a lot when I was a kid, though.

It would usually be on a weekend when my dad was home, and he would get a hankering for something sweet.  He would give me a couple of bucks and send me (and one of my brothers, if I forced the issue) over to Captain E-Z's on Middle Avenue.  I hated going to Captain E-Z's.  The captain was a sleazy, creepy guy, and he employed sleazy, creepy guys to work for him.  But I digress.  We would walk the block and a half to Captain E-Z's, and buy the two-packs of whatever types of desserts had been requested.  And here's the amazing things about that - two dollars bought enough snacks for the entire family.

I don't remember who always ordered what, but I know that I vacillated between the pink sno-balls and the chocolate cupcakes with the loops of white frosting on top.  I loved those perfect loops, but the spongy, pink coconut stuff on top of the sno-balls was very appealing, as well.  I only had the banana things (Flips?) a couple of times because the fake banana flavor reminded me of the smell of spray paint or nail polish remover.  Yum.

I hear that people are racing out to buy Twinkies et al and stockpile them.  I think that is a great idea - for someone else, that is.  I don't know what the half-life is for those things, but one could literally buy enough to last a lifetime.  That's probably reassuring.


Ben said...

I liked the Hostess cupcakes too, but also ate my share of Banana Flips. I sure wonder what these things were made of. Could people actually be eating healthier now?

Ben said...

I found this info about Twinkie shelf life on -

"Twinkies have a shelf life of twenty-five days, not seven years. Even so, twenty-five days is an unusually long time for a baked product to stay fresh. The secret to Twinkies' longevity is their lack of dairy ingredients: because dairy products are not part of the formula, Twinkies spoil much more slowly than other bakery items."

So there you have it! Cake that stays "fresh" for 25 days.