Tuesday, January 18, 2011

musings on a winter morning

I'm finding out that in many ways, winter in Maryland is a lot like winter in Ohio. It is cold and gray outside and I am disinclined to leave the warm, bright comfort of my home. The sun is slow to come up, and it gets dark early - earlier here, actually, as we are now on the eastern edge of the time zone.

When I went out to retrieve my Baltimore Sun this morning, everything - and I mean everything - was coated in a not-so-thin layer of ice. I am very glad to be able to stay inside today. It will give me a chance to do some further work on my resume, which I pulled out yesterday and began updating. I didn't actually need a resume for my last two jobs at yarn shops, but it doesn't look like my next job - whatever it may be - will be quite as easy to find.

When Ben got home from work last night, I asked him to take a look at my updated resume. Since he is at the other end of the spectrum (that is to say, he hires people) I find his input very valuable. One interesting thing, I find, is that while I try to be what I think of as scrupulously honest on my resume, Ben says that is not necessarily how it is done anymore. Well, he tells me, you could say this instead of that. But that is not actually, technically what I did, I tell him. Close enough, he assures me, it's all in how you phrase it. I begin to realize that perhaps a resume is not the place for narrow definitions or excessive modesty.

In reading over this last paragraph, I am concerned lest you think that Ben is not totally honest, because he is. To a fault, really. And he is quite good at getting jobs, as well. When I asked him last May how soon we could move to Maryland, it took him less than six months to find a job here. So when he gives me job-hunting advice, I listen. Mostly. When I think he is right.

It puts me in mind of the vows Julie wrote for her wedding, actually. I will obey you, she told Andrew - to everyone's surprise - but then adding, when I think you are right. Some traits Julie gets from me, but it is not a one-way street, and some things I get from her. I like it that way.

And now, after a quick peek out the window ~shudder~ it's back to the resume.


jsdknits said...

Did I miss something? When did Julie and Andrew get married?

anne mancine said...

Girlfriend, we need to talk!

Ben said...

I wish to state for the record that I did not suggest you list your previous position as "Director of Sales and Marketing". Only that establishing a web presence for the business on Ravelry.com, creating shop models, and creating new pattern designs would be examples of sales and marketing experience. More prospective employers will react favorably to reading "sales and marketing" than "creating shop models". One goes on the resume, the other you cite as an example during the interview.

Advice? Sure, I got that. :-)

Liz said...

I didn't know that you did all that stuff for the yarn store! That's impressive. What kind of a job are you going to look for? Good luck, it sounds like Ben is a good coach.

anne mancine said...

I pretty much just need a job at this point (!) I have applied for two positions at the local community college, and today I filled out an application and left a resumé at the local public library.