Friday, March 12, 2010

a day in the life

I drove out to see my dad yesterday, and, once again, when I called to let him know I was coming, he seemed very glad to hear it. Our visit went, really, okay. He did tell me, once again, that he doesn't think he will ever like it there. "Well, I'm sorry to hear that, " was my reply, "because you know you can't live in the house by yourself anymore." Yes, yes, he allowed that was true, and we went on to the next topic. So maybe he just needed me to respond in some way - any way - when he told me that, rather than just looking at him sadly. That's not to say I think he won't ever say that to me again, because I know he will. But now I feel like I know what to say in reply.

I think the weather has brightened Dad's spirits a bit - I know it has mine. He told me has been walking downtown and back every day - a walk of about seven blocks each way. The neighborhood has gone downhill a great deal since we lived there, not that it was ever that great. I'm sure the sidewalks are cracked and hooved up by tree roots, so I worry about that. But I know he needs to get out and walk more than anything else, and I try to remember that. I wonder if he misses the walk he took for so many years around Eastern Heights. I wonder if the people on his route miss him.

All in all, we had a nice visit, which will certainly make it easier to go back the next time. Because there's always a next time.


Kitty said...

Oh geez. Well I hope your conversation eased things a bit. I can imagine that these things are better said than not said.

It's nice that you're within driving distance to your father. I bet it makes a huge difference for him.

I read your question about the apartment building across from the Met on my blog. It's 998 Fifth Avenue. I'll post a bit about it, hopefully today.

Amazing you would point out this building, which is subtle but absolutely gorgeous. I was next door with my coworkers and we were gawking at it like the bunch of geeks that we are, haha. ;-)

jamanci said...

glad to hear he's getting out and about, and i hope the weather does both of you some good! the neighborhood's not great, but during school days especially, there are kids out and about everywhere--as i well remember! we often had to park on 8th, and occasionally (and unfortunately!) all the way down on 9th. i hope he walks to town on middle--the sidewalks are wider, they're further from the road, and there's more people than on west.

jamanci said...

i looked at google's satellite images to see how the new school is coming, but it's not even started yet in their pictures. your old house is still there, too!

jamanci said...

actually, i retract that--using google's walk-through, west really looks quite lovely and quiet and delightfully tree-lined! i had forgotten how tree-filled the town was.

anne mancine said...

Jules - Grandpa said that he walks down West Avenue to Broad Street, then back on Middle Avenue.

You really can't imagine what a lovely little town Elyria was when I was growing up there. Yes, the streets were broad and tree-lined, and everyone walked everywhere. (And "all the women were strong, all the men were good looking, and all the children were above average" to paraphrase Garrison Keillor.) Not that I thought so at the time, you understand. It was just the dull little burg I was stuck in.

anne mancine said...

Kitty - The building I am thinking of is actually on 82nd Street, but I am quite interested in the one you mention, as well.

Ben said...

With age comes wisdom. Also, Jules - you can visit this site to keep up with construction of the new high school.