Monday, January 14, 2008

more domestic than you might think

The quilt that covers my bed is in need of some TLC. Literally within a 24-hour period, Rufus shredded the quilt top in one spot and barfed on it in another spot. So, the quilt needs to be washed, but I can't wash it until I mend the square he shredded. Frankly, I am not that good at mending, but I will stitch it up the best I can, as I have done for years.

Way back in the early 70's when I was a college coed living in a dorm, patched jeans were all the rage. I raided my mother's fabric remnants and patched my hip-hugging bell-bottoms even where they didn't have holes. It was a laborious process, let me tell you, but I found it worth the effort.

That is basically what I have been doing with the quilt on my bed for the past few years, as it slowly comes unstitched at the seams. The quilt is faded red and cream and sort of a khaki color - not really something I would have chosen for myself, but I bought it in hopes that Ben would like it even though it had flowers on it. That was back before my snoring (and my need to sleep with dogs on the bed who scratch and barf in the night) drove him to a more quiet, tranquil room of his own.

The curtains in my room match the cushion on my chair and are a lovely blue on cream toile - I always wanted toile curtains. I bought additional matching fabric and have been using it to patch my quilt, much the same way as I used to patch my jeans. Most of the patches don't cover holes of any kind, but they are strategically arranged and, to my eye, quite pleasing.

Although I much prefer writing about sewing to actual sewing, this doesn't get my quilt mended, so off I go. Hope I don't prick my fingers too badly.

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Ben said...

Oh man, those hip-hugging bell-bottoms...

You know, beyond just extending the life of your quilt, your patches and mending have really made that quilt your own. It's got your touch. It's a little like the way you start with "store-bought" spaghetti sauce but then completely transform it with your special additions.

Plus I think you have discovered that working with your hands is very theraputic and relaxing for you - as well as being rewarding. How nice!