Wednesday, September 19, 2007

September morn

Personally, I think Ben is a little biased, what with September being his birth month and all, but I do understand why this is his favorite month. There is a certain quality to the air, especially in the morning, that is simply lacking the rest of the year. It is a clarity, a freshness, even a smell, that is uniquely September's. Then there is the color of the sky on a clear September day. It is the very essence, the definition, of blue.

I might even join Ben in his preference for September were it not for one thing - yellow jackets. I know there are perfectly valid scientific reasons for why they act the way they do this time of year, but I just can't deal with it. Now that it is finally cool enough to eat outside comfortably, I can't, because I will be swarmed by yellow jackets trying to eat my food and land on my hands and in my hair. I try to keep my hands in my pockets whenever I am outside because it just freaks me out when they crawl on me. I can't sit outside and read (which I love to do) for the same reasons. As soon as it cools off, I am longing for the first frost to kill, kill them all.

Rufus and I have increased our twice-daily walks from two blocks to three, and it is an absolute joy to be out on mornings like this. Rufus is a good little walker, and generally trots right along, but he has started to develop the bad habit of stopping at each acorn he finds on the sidewalk and picking it up. He generally drops it after a few paces, but this time of year there are countless acorns on the ground in our neighborhood, and we just can't stop at all of them. So we are working on that.

It has been a long time since I have been able to experience the changing of the seasons as I am this year, and believe me, I am savoring it. I will continue to try to share it with you. Stay tuned.


Julie said...

fall IS the best time of year, and september is the best of the fall months (although early october can be pretty nice too).

it's cool, it's dry (even out here by the chesapeake bay), the children, parents, and tourists that clog up the roads and parks are gone, apples are finally ripe, the leaves start to turn...what season could possibly be better?

if i ever get married, i'll do it in september--after all, as i've been told, fall is "the only season i'm happy!"

anne mancine said...

What about the yellow jackets? I know you hate them, too. I've seen them chase you inside many times.

Ben said...

Yes, in a "V" formation, with angry eyebrows and loud kamikaze-dive-bomber sounds...

Anyway I know what you mean about September air. Maybe the sweetness of ripe fruit is different from that of spring flowers. And the cooler air is always very energizing. Yep, I pretty much like all the autumn months, bees be damned.

Ben said...

And September by the Cuyahoga River is especially nice: September Morn Hahaha!!

Bryan said...

Since fall is my favorite season, my instinct is to claim October as my favorite month -- also because it involves carving pumpkins -- but I'd have to say mid-Sept to mid-Oct really does it for me.

Unfortunately, September seems to bring unbelievably bright sunny days, and with the sun lower in the sky, it's that much harder to conveniently block from view.

I'm not a big fan of direct sunlight anyway, and not just because of my newfound skin sensitivity: the sun makes it hard to see, makes things unnecessarily hot regardless of the air temperature, and its glare causes traffic accidents. Give me a nice, soft blanket of ambient light instead direct sunlight any day! I'll get my Vitamin D from a pill.

It's because of the sun that school kids have to wear a heavy coat in the morning when it's 40 but have to carry it or stuff it in a backpack when it feels like 70 on the way home.

Then I come home and my parents are thanking God "for this beautiful sunny fall day" during the dinner prayer (because God is only responsible for good weather), even though I was in a windowless building all day and nearly got in an accident when I was in the sun.

I'm not sure why a comment about autumn turned into a rant about the sun, but there you have it. :)

Oh, and in regard to bees:
Single Bee Sends Gathering Of Humans Into Helpless Panic

Bryan said...

I meant to add, we went to Oktoberfest at Geauga Lake last weekend, and indeed the yellow jackets were in abundance with all the delicious food, so I agree September loses points for that. :)

Julie said...

hmm, crawling yellowjackets and brightness are distinct downsides to the season. driving in the sun especially sucks--it gets to be 90 degrees in the car, but is only 58 outside, for example.

out in the woods, though (where i like to go when i'm outside), there's little trouble with either of those! fall festivals are awesome, but tend to suffer from both.

Kristy said...

It says "September morn" but I keep thinking "November rain" and it gave me a serious need to watch the video on you tube..