Thursday, September 27, 2007

Lucie-inspired haiku

I used to write haiku about Bobo, and when Ben asked me why I never wrote any about Lucie, I told him she has to inspire me. So she did. Here are some haiku I wrote about her. (Yeah, she's been barking a lot lately.) The last one is my favorite, I think. I'm not sure...

the little dog starts
then the bigger one joins in
what an awful noise!

Sunday newspapers
quiet afternoon reading
shit! Lucie went off

Lucie! shut up now!
can't you see I don’t need that
adrenaline spike

didn’t you know that
when Lucie swims through the air
she just wants closer

it is so quiet
when the little brown dog sleeps
then she growls softly

Lucie warned me twice
before she bit my face off
she's not a pillow

Oh, and here is my favorite one that I wrote about Bobo. A copy of it is in the urn with his ashes.

a hot summer day
the white dog sleeps in the sun
what does he dream of?


Julie said...

oh MAN those cracked me up!! i can't decide which one is my favorite, and together they present a pretty accurate portrait of lucie generally. i can think of a few more subjects for you--how much of a "daddy's girl" she is, and also maybe the way she pops straight up in the air when she's cranked. also growling and wagging when she's real sleepy.

i think you do clearly have a gift for haiku. an excellent little form, isn't it?

Ben said...

I like haiku in general, but I really get a kick out of yours. You capture both Lucie and our reactions to her.

Would you care to complete my unfinished haiku entitled, "Poo-Spotting"? It starts out: "Among the brown leaves" - but I can't work out the rest.

anne mancine said...

No. You have to write your own haiku. Just do it.

Ben said...

Fine. I will.

"Poo Spotting" (by Ben)

Among autumn leaves
careful walking in wet grass
mustn’t step in… Shit!

Still I think completing each other's haiku could be fun. You know, group project, like "Naked Came The Stranger".