Tuesday, July 17, 2007

cast of characters

It occurred to me that it might be helpful to list the important people in my life who will have recurring roles here. This will avoid clunky sentence structure like: "my husband, Ben" or "Lucie, our toy poodle" all the time. I expect I may have to make additions as we go along, but I hope to make no deletions. Refer to this as needed.

Ben - my husband of more than 30 years

Tom - my son, who lives and works in Chicago

Kristy - my daughter-in-law, who also lives and works in Chicago

Julie/Jules - my daughter, who lives in Maryland, and is pursuing her PhD at the University of Delaware in Newark

Andrew - her fiance, who also lives in Maryland, and is pursuing his PhD at the University of Maryland in College Park

Lucie - our apricot toy poodle, who technically belongs to Julie, but will always live with us

Rufus - our black cockapoo, and the newest member of the family

Dominic/Bobo - our bichon frise, who died in November of 2005, but it just seems wrong to leave him out, as he is always in my heart


tom said...

This is a useful idea. I just sort of leave people grasping for context in my (very) occasional posts to my blog ;)

Julie said...

"will always live with us," huh? :) at least i get partial credit for her being my dog!

and i'm glad bobo's included.

tom said...

I'm glad he's included too; I actually was going to suggest that this morning but it seemed like picking nits.

Still miss him.

Kristy said...

Oh and quite a bunch of characters they are - Ha cha cha cha!

anne mancine said...

Seems like I saw your name on that list, miss! ;)

Ben said...

[bows deeply, doffs cap]