Sunday, December 5, 2010

here we are now

So, first of all, yes, we're here. We're all here. Lucie and Rufus are asleep on my bed as I type this. I am equally glad to have Lucie, Rufus, and the bed here. I don't think I could have "slept" on that air mattress for one more night. There's just something so depressing about an empty room with a blanket-covered mattress on the floor in one corner.

Everything has been going pretty well so far, although when I came in from the backyard with the dogs this morning, Ben announced that smoke was coming out of all the registers, and indeed, it was. He immediately turned the furnace off and started making phone calls. Even though it's not snowing here like it is in Ohio, no heat in December is still an emergency situation. There is a BGE van in front of the house right now, and Ben and I are just hoping the home warranty will cover this service call on a Sunday afternoon. This whole scenario feels remarkably familiar to me, although I can't remember which of our previous houses it happened at. Maybe Tom or Julie could remind me.

I went to the grocery store by myself this morning and found every single thing on my shopping list. Finding some place to put it all in our severely storage-challenged kitchen was not so easy. We did it, although finding it when we need it again will be the next challenge.

We have a two-page (and growing!) list of items we need from Bed, Bath & Beyond some time soon. That big wad of coupons that I kept in the kitchen drawer will come in handy for that. It's a little hard for me to believe that with all the stuff we brought with us, we still need a great deal more. And, of course, there's the stuff already here that we are getting rid of. I already went through the house and took about half the curtains off the windows. I am not a fan of curtains, but my blue and white toile valances look just as lovely here as they did in my room in Kent.

It looks like we won't have time to make a shopping run this afternoon - to B, B & B or to Lowe's or Home Depot or Best Buy - all places we need to visit soon. We have to get everything we want done around the house before 8:00 so we can kick back and watch the game. The Ravens are playing the Steelers tonight, you know.


jsdknits said...

Snow day here!!

So glad you're in. Bear with all the inconveniences. They will dissipate although the furnace is a biggie. Curious to hear how that one plays out.

I've made two kitties for my grandchildren. More to come.

anne mancine said...

Well, the service man from BGE Homes (which is different from BGE, Ben tells me) said that the fan in the furnace seized up. He said that happens when a home has been vacant for a while and the furnace has not been run on a regular basis. I guess he knew we just moved in because of the canyon of boxes he had to navigate in the basement.

The previous owner had some sort of service contract so we were not billed for the work. The service man further told us that we had an excellent furnace, which is a surprisingly nice thing to hear.

We did make a late afternoon trip to B, B & B and were able to cross a few things off the list, although not as many as I would have liked. Perhaps I can get Julie to go shopping with me later this week, eh, Jules?