Wednesday, November 17, 2010

checking one more task off my list

The doggies are going to the groomer's today, and, boy, do they need it. They have needed to go for a while, actually, but Lucie got a bad ear infection, and I have been treating her ears with yucky medicine for more than a week. The medicine looks like Elmer's glue, but it is slimy instead of sticky. Twice a day, I have to squirt the medicine in each of her ears, then massage the ear, making sure it makes the correct squishy sound as I do so. I find that if I put Lucie up on the kitchen counter, she doesn't have any traction and can't get away from me.

Her ears look so slimy and awful that I tried giving her a little spot bath last week, but the dog shampoo that I have didn't even touch the greasy mess. I am pretty sure that whatever the groomer uses will take care of it, though.

I don't know who hates the trip to the groomer's more - me or the doggies. When we get there, Rufus hides behind my legs, and Lucie, whom I am carrying, tries to crawl up my front and sit on my shoulder. I have to be careful to wear a top that covers my neck and throat so that she can't claw me (she has drawn blood in the past) and it has to be a fabric that she can't snag. Hoodies work well.

I hate leaving the dogs there. They are so pathetic and resigned - well, Lucie tends more towards frantic, I guess. But I am always so happy to receive the phone call that they are finished and I can pick them up. When I get there, they come prancing out of the back room, looking just great. The are usually wearing seasonal bandanas, which they don't like, and I don't either, actually. What I love is when Lucie has a little bow on either side of her head. She just couldn't be cuter. I bundle them into the car, and get them back home as quickly as I can. They want big drinks of water and an immediate trip out back when they get here.

Going to the groomer's is an exhausting experience for Lucie and Rufus, and, safely home, they really just want to snuggle up next to me on the couch and sleep for a few hours. Which, I must say, dovetails nicely with my plans.


jamanci said...

"well, lucie tends more toward frantic, i guess" <--- LOL! :) so true. i have to admit i like the little bows on her ears, too-maybe we'll put some in ourselves for the holiday!

EostreEgg said...

I used to feel like we were playing a rotten trick on our dog every time we took her to the groomer's. She LOVED car rides, so that part was never a problem. And the groomer was right next door to a hot dog diner, so getting her to the building was no difficulty, either. It was that crestfallen look of disappointment, mingled with a touch of betrayal, as we led her away from the yummy-smelling diner door that always gave me a twinge of guilt.

Liz said...

Our dogs don't mind going to the groomer's that much. When I come to pick them up, they're so happy! They act like they feel so free and comfy! They're due to go to the groomer's soon. They have burrs and stuff. Sorry to hear about Lucie's ear infection!

Ben said...

I love the way the dogs behave after they get home! They look MAHVelous, an that's the way they act, too. They get all hyper, jumping on and off furniture, chasing around the house - it's really cute! Thanks for being such a good Mommy to them. I miss my doggies!

anne mancine said...

I forgot to mention how Lucie abandons hope and just shakes in my arms. Yesterday, Rufus also shook, to make me feel extra guilty. He is like your dog, Carla, so happy and excited to be out and about - until we walk through the door and he realizes where he is and why he is there.

You're lucky your dogs don't mind the trip, Liz. That must make it so much easier. They do look great now, and as Ben says, they did race around the house quite a bit yesterday. It is good to see Lucie act like a puppy again, as she is quite the dowager these days.