Tuesday, August 17, 2010

into the belly of the beast

The For Sale sign went up last night. Papers were signed. The rooms were measured. Photographs were taken. I guess this is really going to happen. I had forgotten the curious sense of shame and embarrassment that I feel when a For Sale sign appears in our front yard. I don't really understand why I feel that way, but I know that I do. I feel a bit like a quitter, I guess. Like a rat leaving a sinking ship - although this ship is far from sinking in any real sense. I still love this house and this neighborhood, but the time has come to go. I just don't like the idea that anyone who drives by or sees the listing online will know that. And now you do, too.


Ben said...

For me too, it's a very odd feeling seeing that sign out front. I don't understand why it feels embarrassing, but I agree it does. It seems like we are saying publicly that our house, neighborhood, city, and state are just not good enough for us anymore. But we don't feel that way at all. We still like all these things. But we want to see and experience more things, new things, maybe expand our horizons a bit. Still the guilt for leaving. Very odd.

jamanci said...

wish there was a way to do it that didn't involve people driving really really slowly past our house, peering weirdly at it. by appointment only, please!