Sunday, July 11, 2010

the light at the end of the tunnel

Summer is not the best time to work at a yarn shop. This is not a surprise, you say? I didn't mean it to be - just a simple statement of fact. When I first started working in a yarn shop, it was in the summer - two years ago, actually. Then, I was thrilled it was the off-season, as I knew I had, well, everything, really, to learn.

Last year was a particularly bad summer at the yarn shop for me. My former co-workers and I were gradually realizing that the shop we loved was slowly being allowed to die. Killed off is too strong a term, perhaps, but that is more what it felt like. When the yarn reps called to make appointments to show the new fall yarns, they were put off and postponed and lied to, really, until they got the message, and began spreading the word that Miss Chickpea's was not long for this world. How embarrassing and sad that was.

So this summer is pretty awesome in comparison to that. It's a slow time of year, sure, but things are happening here at My Sister's Yarn Shop, let me assure you. Last month, Judi, our shop owner, took all of us to Columbus to attend TNNA (The National NeedleArts Association) Yarn Market, which is a big deal in the knitting world, in case you didn't know. We saw the booths of dozens and dozens of vendors, all displaying their newest yarns and needles and patterns and buttons for fall, which, as you can imagine, is a big season for yarn and knitting. We had a fantastic time, and were overwhelmed and excited by all that we saw there.

What's happening at the shop now, though, is the truly exciting part. The yarn reps have come and gone, we have ordered our yarn, and any day now, the new fall yarn will start arriving. It is time to make room for all that yarn, and I, for one, can't wait. Can't wait for the UPS man to start bringing us boxes and boxes full of yarn. Can't wait to start putting the skeins of beautiful wool and merino and alpaca yarn on the shelves.

And here's one thing I know for sure: when the new fall yarns start arriving, the customers won't be far behind. Can't wait to see them!


Judy S. said...

Thanks for your comment on Ravelry, Anne! So, I am a little confused. The old shop died and now you're at a different one? It sure sounds like a much better situation at any rate.

anne mancine said...

Yes, can you believe how lucky I am? I have worked in two fantastic local yarn shops over the past two years.

Ben said...

Wow! Nice redecoration! Looks like a brand new blog!

I think My Sister's has more *buying* summer customers than the old chickpea, where folks would loiter in to soak up the air conditioning. Also, with new yarn coming in, does that mean price cuts on some of what's on the shelf? 'Cause that brings in even more customers. I'm glad you've found such a good shop. You (and they!) are lucky indeed.

jsdknits said...

I love the sizzling new format! Goes with summer I guess? Of course, new yarn is always exciting.

anne mancine said...

Hm-m-m... Can't agree with all of that, Ben. The idea of the good citizens of Hudson coming into a shop just to cool off from the summer heat is very 1950's, but here we are out in the 21st century. As I already mentioned, I feel incredibly lucky to have landed a second job in a fantastic little yarn shop.

Thanks to you and Janet, both, for the compliments on the new decor. I can't take credit for that, though - blogger finally offered some new templates.

I agree that new yarn is always exciting, but the new fall/winter yarn is the best to me. I just love the warmth and softness of merino and alpaca and cashmere yarn.

Ben said...

Busted! Guess it was just me who wandered into the chickpea to enjoy the AC! Oh! I mean, and the delightful staff!

anne mancine said...


jamanci said...

can't wait to see the new yarns that you'll have rolling in! what a fun time of year! isn't fall the best anyway, really?

i also love the redesign on the blog--looks very nice!