Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I'm down. I'm really down.

I don't know what is wrong with me lately, but I'm down. I am trying to figure out why, and more importantly, to just get over it, already. Don't read any further if you don't want to listen to my sad little list of things that haven't gone just right recently.

Let's see - a weekend that Ben and I had really been looking forward to turned out to be a bust. That same weekend, Julie and Andrew went to Chincoteague. Now, I am thrilled they went there - the scene of so many happy family vacations when Tom and Julie were growing up, but at the same time, I'm sad we weren't on Chincoteague with them.

Right around that same time, I broke out in some kind of mysterious rash on my face, neck, and, uh, other places, as well. Hives? Poison ivy? Yarn allergy? I just don't know. I do know it is unsightly and itchy and real irritating.

I'm always broke. I got my first paycheck, and am very pleased to be gainfully employed again, but, let's face it, I did not take this job for the money. I love the shop and the people I work with, and the women who come in are, by and large, very pleasant to deal with - all good things, but they don't pay the bills. I'm tired of being broke.

And that's another thing - I'm just plain tired all the time. When we got home from grocery shopping on Sunday, I went back to bed and slept for two hours. What's up with that? I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired.

I'm ready for a new phase, aren't you?


julie said...

maybe your rash is some sympathy sunburn? we're past the painful stage and into the terribly itchy, peely stage now.

i know what you mean about being tired--i even find myself dozing while the scanner does its thing at work! sometimes more physical activity is actually the answer, like when i've got two scanners going in different rooms, and walk between them constantly. i'm not sure my co-workers care for it though.

you need to seriously consider coming out here for a little while. i know part of the problem is you're broke, but if you used the good, old-fashioned car, you'd get here in 6 hours and only spend about $100 round trip for travel.

it's pretty hot and muggy here, but i'm confident we can still find fun stuff to do. after all, it wasn't exactly comfortable the june you visited me in athens, or even last june, when you came out here!

and andrew and i will make sure you have a good time, don't worry. :)

julie said...

did i mention the pool, right across the street? we could get in it!

Ben said...

Then this past weekend wasn't fabulous either. The Salem Antique Show was pleasant but small and sort of boring. Then that evening we went out to a Japanese restaurant in Hudson and that turned out to be no fun either. The flowering things in the backyard aren't doing too well this year, which takes the fun out of gardening. Plus our little "cement pond" did really crappy this year. The floaty pond plants never flowered, and when the last of 20 goldfish died, I just pulled the plug. There. Don't have that to worry about that anymore.

I could think of more, but I'm not sure you wanted me to throw you an anchor just now. Anyway I seem to be in a similar boat. (Two nautical references is enough, I know). I do think some travel would be a good thing.

anne mancine said...

Oh. I forgot about all those things...

Bryan said...

Wait, new job? Did I miss something?

BTW, we're into Little Shop rehearsals now so I said hi to your brother.

Kristy said...

I'm sorry to hear that you're feeling blue, but I'd like to suggest that instead of counting the many ways of your woe that you look to the things that make you happy instead. Think about how you're not at that soul sucking job anymore and how much you've accomplished knitting, or how you can go outside and be with the dogs and simply enjoy the sunshine whenever you want. Can't buy any of that ;)

As for being sleepy, make sure you're getting enough vitamins (like iron and b vitamins) and protein in your diet, although if it goes on too much you might want to see a doctor. Or just take some damn naps and stop feeling guilty about it. It's OK :)

Any way you do it, it's good to have a little blue time so you can appreciate the times when you are feeling good and be able to find happiness in not so ideal situations. And don't forget, you have stitches homework to work on ;)

anne mancine said...

Jules - Thank you so much for your invitation. I would love to stay with you and Andrew. You know I would get in my car right now and head for your house if it weren't for the dogs. We just don't have anyone to stay with them anymore. It's the same reason Dad and I haven't been able to travel together for such a long time. It's a real problem.

anne mancine said...

Bryan - my post of July 7th entitled "Miss Chickpea's" describes my new job at a yarn store in Hudson. It is like a dream job for me - absolutely no pressure, and I am encouraged to work on my knitting projects while I am there.

Kristy - Actually, Ben and I were talking about how just the act of writing this post helped me to realize that things are still pretty good for me. Also, that it is okay to be down once in a while.

And, frankly, I think whatever gave me the rash might also be making me tired. (Ben thought I might have gotten hookworm from the dogs, but we have ruled that out.)

About that homework - OMG! You're taking that Sunday class with me, right? Five swatches for that one class!

Kristy said...

I'm taking the colorwork class with brandon mably, the estonian lace class with nancy bush, and the tips and tricks class with lily chin, but I can't remember which one we're taking together. I do know that it will be a lot of fun, with a lot of knitting, and yarn *everywhere*. In other words, a dream come true :)

Cheryl said...

I just sent you a message via Ravelry and decided to stop in and read your blog. I'm sorry you haven't been up to snuff. I've been in an "I could sleep all the time" phase lately. I had plenty of relaxation on the ship, so I think mine could be allergy related. Maybe we could go for a walk or a cup of coffee soon.