Thursday, April 10, 2008

spring cleaning, of a sort

My shoulders hurt most of all, and my arms ache when I lie in bed at night. I haven't hurt my lower back yet, however, and I think that must be because of the weight I lost. All this is by way of saying that spring has finally arrived in northeast Ohio, and I have been out working in the yard. The amount of work that needs to be done each spring can be overwhelming if one thinks about it too much, so each day I just go out and work on what bothers me the most.

Tuesday I raked our fenced-in back yard, and cleared the leaves from a couple of the flower beds. We have been cleaning up after the dogs on a daily basis, so I didn't have to do the massive poop pick-up we have done in past years. I dragged the patio furniture out into the yard and hosed it off. Then I got the cushions and rug from the shed. Voila! Our patio is ready for use.

Yesterday I raked in the front for a while, but only got half of the lawn finished. Each year it seems like more branches and sticks have fallen from the surrounding trees than in previous years, and this year is no exception. Today is a bright, sunny morning, and I am optimistic that I will at least get the rest of the front finished. I know rainy weather is in the forecast, and I would like to have the lawn freshly-raked when it arrives. I am counting on those April showers to green up the sad, yellow grass.

This is the first spring in many that I have been home and able to work outside when the weather beckons me, and it is a wonderful experience - even when my shoulders hurt.

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Ben said...

Aye, spring cleaning it is! There's so much to do once the weather breaks. This past weekend I wire-brushed the grill, dumped the damp charcoal out, and we had our first hamburger cookout of the year. It's a pain, but exciting at the same time.

I was delighted to find, after another grueling day at the sweat-shop, that you had done so much of the "sticks and leaves" cleanup. We just have to get the leaves off the flower beds out front, and we'll be ready to order up a big steaming pile of mulch.

But the patio out back is Summer-ready; just add plants and warm weather.

It makes me feel good that you are enjoying the changing seasons, the daffodils, the birds - and thanks for recording it all in this here blog.