Sunday, March 9, 2008


According to the National Weather Service, although "blizzard-like" conditions existed over the past two days, we did not actually have a blizzard here in Northeast Ohio. Well, the NWS and I will have to agree to disagree on this one. There was a blizzard for sure in my neighborhood, and I know because I haven't been able to leave here in three days.

It started to snow Friday morning about 10:00 a.m. It stopped snowing some time last night. Yes, it snowed continuously for more than 30 hours. Sometimes the snow floated to the ground in big, fluffy flakes. Sometimes it fell in little pellets that sounded like rain when they hit the ground. Sometimes it snowed sideways as the wind whipped the snow into drifts all along the back fence. The point I am trying to make is that it did not stop snowing.

Ben and I went out four times yesterday to shovel the driveway. We finally broke through to the street in the late afternoon. I'm not sure why it seemed so important to do that - we can't really go anywhere. I cleared the paths I had shovelled through the deep snow in the back yard a half dozen times so that the dogs could go out. The snow is taller than they are. Lucie is not quite the springbok she was in her younger days, but she did race around the paths a bit before she ran up on the back porch to be let back in the house. Rufus, on the other hand, is the perfect age for something like this, and he romped through the snow with abandon.

We generally do our grocery shopping on Sunday morning (while the righteous are in church) but I am not sure we can make it there and back without getting stuck. I'll keep you posted.


anne mancine said...

We successfully grocery-shopped! Hooray! And that was in spite of the woman at the grocery store with five little kids and two carts who was everywhere we wanted to be. We won't have to eat the dog food after all, thank god.

Ben said...

Even though we are getting tired of all this Winter, this snowstorm couldn't have hit at a better time - a weekend. Today, Sunday, is sunny, and even though it's 20 degrees, some of the snow is melting off the streets. Lots of giant icicles everywhere. Parking lots literally have mountains of snow. It's been nice watching the town slowly come back to life after such a huge storm.

Interestingly, we haven't heard a single snow blower in all our hours outside. Maybe it's just too deep. Lots of people, though, are using some new ergonomic snow shovel. Maybe we'll pick one up for next season.